Family Law Guidance And Solutions

In a small percentage of divorces, the parties are unable to reach a negotiated agreement covering all of the important issues, making a trial necessary to resolve the dispute. In the trial, a judge must make property-related decisions that are fair, and decisions regarding children that will serve the children's best interests. The judge must make these decisions according to state laws but still has wide discretion on how to rule, depending upon the quality of the evidence presented and the persuasiveness of the arguments made by the parties and their attorneys.

As your lawyer, Allen M. Bailey works to settle the issues favorably in an amicable fashion that fosters willing compliance with domestic relations orders. He is also experienced in taking on tough litigation challenges to uphold the rights and best interests of the client and family, and to make sure orders are complied with and enforced.

The Law Offices of Allen M. Bailey practices exclusively in the area of family law in Anchorage and south central Alaska, helping individuals and families with:

  • All aspects of divorce
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Property division
  • Custody modifications
  • Legal issues facing same-sex couples
  • Military spouses and parents
  • Violent family or living situations

Put 40-Plus Years Of Experience On Your Side

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