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Decisions on child custody and visitation are made by the court in what it deems to be the best interest of the children. Those best interests are determined by reference to state statutes and prior decisions of the Alaska Supreme Court.

The court could grant sole custody to one parent with visitation rights to the other parent, or it may grant some form of joint custody, where the parents have more equal amounts of time with the children. The court looks at many factors in making this determination, including the current relationship between parent and child and the physical, emotional, mental, religious and social needs of the child.

Depending upon the child's age and maturity level, the wishes of the child as to where he or she would choose to live may also play a role.

Any evidence or history of domestic violence can play a crucial role in the custody determination. Similarly, evidence that one parent's substance abuse has affected the physical or emotional well-being of the child can impact the decision to give a co-parent full custody.

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