Guiding You To A Dignified End For Your Marriage

The day you thought would never happen has finally arrived. You have decided to divorce — and face an uncertain future.

At this difficult time, precarious from both emotional and financial standpoints, and with the well-being of your child or children in mind, you could benefit from the knowledgeable, compassionate input of a divorce and family law attorney who supports your goals.

In Anchorage and throughout south central Alaska, the experienced family lawyer you want on your side is Allen M. Bailey, founder of the Law Offices of Allen M. Bailey.

Ideally, Mr. Bailey favors amicable outcomes via settlement, to set a tone of cooperation for the future and minimize the potentially negative effects of divorce on children. To those ends, he excels at mediation and negotiation — though as a former prosecutor, he knows how to litigate as well during contested, high-asset, military and same-sex divorces.

A Skilled, Compassionate Divorce Lawyer Since 1974

Given Alaska's many military installations, divorce cases involving a military spouse are not uncommon. There are several important factors to consider when a military service member is involved, and it is important to retain a family law attorney who is experienced in military divorces and knows how to deal with these differences.

These special factors include residency requirements, division of military pensions, the timing of a divorce and various jurisdictional issues centering on conflicts between state and federal laws.

Your initial consultation at the Law Offices of Allen M. Bailey is your chance to discuss legal and family issues, including military and same-sex divorce, in an atmosphere of candor and confidentiality. Call us in Anchorage at 907-272-1488 or use our simple online form to send us a message.